ICS-ISAC Soltra Edge TAXII Server

The ICS-ISAC maintains a Soltra Edge server for realtime information sharing. ICS-ISAC members have access to this server through a web interface and through a TAXII feed. If you have TAXII capabilities you can peer your TAXII server to receive ICS-ISAC TAXII feeds. You can also provide the ICS-ISAC with information to allow the ICS-ISAC Soltra Edge server to receive TAXII feeds from your TAXII server.

To create your own Soltra server:

The Soltra Edge server contains a STIX information repository, a TAXII server and a web interface.  It is available as a virtual machine and freely available to use. Our members have access to the ICS-ISAC Soltra Edge server and we encourage our members to stand up Edge servers inside their own organizations.

The Soltra Edge virtual machine can be downloaded by creating an account on the Soltra Forums. Once you have created your forum account you can download the virtual machine image and install it on your own infrastructure. The forums contain useful installation and usage guidance.

Once you have your Soltra Edge server up and running you can use your ICS-ISAC Soltra credentials to automatically pull information from the ICS-ISAC edge server. If you choose to allow the ICS-ISAC Soltra Edge server to be able to pull information from your Edge server, you will need to create credentials on your Edge server and share them with the ICS-ISAC. Please contact memberhelp@ics-isac.org for assistance peering your Edge server with the ICS-ISAC Edge server.