Past Briefings

On this page you will find an archive of content produced by the center including recordings of Monthly Briefings and other material.

August 2014 Special Briefing: NIST Cybersecurity Framework:  Lessons Learned at the Six-Month Mark

Co-Hosts: Chris Blask (ICS-ISAC) & Cynthia Brumfield (DCT Associates)
Subject Matter Experts: Kevin Morley (AWWA), Perry Pederson (The Langner Group), Greg Witte (G2) & Jaap Schekkerman (CGI)

The ICS-ISAC has partnered with DCT Associates to review the crucial lessons learned about the benefits and challenges of implementing the framework and how the framework continues to evolve.


July 2014 Public Briefing: How Do We Indicate Expertise? The Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) Certification

Subject Matter Experts: Derek Harp (SANS); Tim Conway (SANS) & Graham Speake (NexDefense)

This ICS ISAC panel conversation by some of the industry leaders discuss the GICSP and cover the thought process behind its creation. A lively debate on the needs and merit of such certifications was engaged.


June 2014 Public Briefing: Raising the Bar: Assessing the Status of Cybersecurity Higher Education

Subject Matter Experts: Art Conklin (University of Houston) & Greg White (University of Texas at San Antonio)

In this briefing the ICS ISAC has a timely discussion by panel of subject matter experts regarding the current status of cybersecurity offerings in higher education as well as provide viable solutions for the long-term shortfall of cyber talent.


May 2014 Public Briefing: Teaching to Fish: 1NTERRUPT Cyber Defense Challenge and the Workforce of Tomorrow

Subject Matter Experts: Marc Blackmer (1NTERRUPT), Kate Toomey (Worcester City Council) & Jason Epstein (Worcester Academy)

In this session, the ICS ISAC “1NTERRUPT Cyber Defense Challenge” — a blue-teaming exercise for high school students — is described and discussed by some of the industry leaders responsible for its creation.


May 2014 Special ICS-ISAC / Palo Alto Networks Security Briefing: Latest IE Vulnerability’s Impact on ICS

Subject Matter Experts: Alon Livne (Palo Alto Networks) & Del Rodillas (Palo Alto Networks)

{recording coming soon}

This session presents an overview of how attacks exploiting IE vulnerability (MS14-021) work and offers key recommendations on how to best protect your organization.


April 2014 Public Briefing: SARA from the Neck Up: Connecting Knowledge Centers

Subject Matter Experts: Johan Rambi (DSO Alliander / EU DENSEK) & Maarten Van Horenbeeck (FIRST)

This discussion about the conversation among knowledge centers is moderated by ICS ISAC Chair Chris Blask with a panel of key national and global knowledge sharing centers.


March 2014 Public Briefing: SARA: Understanding and Implementing Shared Situational Awareness

Subject Matter Experts: Fred Cohen (Fearless Security) & Graham Speake (Yokogawa)

Described and discussed by industry leaders who have been involved in its development SARA (the Situational Awareness Reference Architecture) provides applicable steps for creating local and shared situational awareness.


February 2014 Special Briefing: What You Need to Know Now About the Cybersecurity Framework

Co-Hosts: Chris Blask (ICS-ISAC) & Cynthia Brumfield (DCT Associates)
Government Subject Matter Expert: Adam Sedgewick (NIST)
Industry Subject Matter Experts: Kevin Morley (AWWA), Kent Landfield (McAfee) & Laura Brown (NERC)

The ICS-ISAC has partnered with DCT Associates to bring you a cutting-edge webinar that will give you a head start in understanding and navigating the final published framework. We have pulled together the top government and industry officials who can explain to you how wide-ranging and intricate framework will not only lay the foundation for changes in cybersecurity initiatives across the United States, but will also spark changes in how regulators, policy makers, standards-setting bodies and security professionals view cybersecurity challenges, obligations and practices.

February 2014 Public Briefing: Cyber Cyber Everywhere: The Emerging Threat of the Internet of Things

Subject Matter Experts: Bill McGee (Cisco), Daniel J. Miller (Argonne IAC) & Dwayne Melancon (Tripwire)

As cyberphysical systems become pervasive the risks and remediations must evolve to fit. Expansive attack surfaces and ubiquitous connectivity present challenges not only different in scale but fundamentally.


January 2014 Public Briefing: If You Build It: SARA and the Global Knowledge Network

Subject Matter Experts: Del Rodillas (Palo Alto Networks) and Marc Blackmer (Sourcefire)

The long standing need for shared situational awareness in infrastructure cybersecurity has created a latent tension among all stakeholders. As technical, organizational, legal and other roadblocks are lifted the adoption of such capabilities is likely to be swift and impactful.


December 2013 Public Briefing: The Arc of History: The Inevitability of Knowledge Sharing

November 2013 Public Briefing: Establishing Organizational Identity for Shared Situational Awareness

October 2013 Public Briefing:  Sharing Among Nations

September 2013 Public Briefing: Emergent Properties of Doing

August 2013 Public Briefing: Que SARA, SARA: The Inevitability of Knowledge Sharing

July 2013 Public Briefing:  Where, Oh Where is the Knowledge to Share?

June 2013 Solution Briefing: Mitigating ICS System Vulnerabilities with SimpleConnect 

May 2013 Public Briefing:  Evolution of Information Sharing

April 2013 Public Briefing:  ICS Security in Rail Transit Control and Communication

April 2013 Special Briefing:  Raising All Boats Establishing Security Baselines at Industrial Facilities

March 2013 Public Briefing:  Cryptography for Industrial Control Systems

March 2013 Member Briefing:  Mandiant APT1 Research

February 2013 Public Briefing:  ICS Security for Municipalities

January 2013 Public Briefing:  ICS Security for The Chemical Sector