Member Benefits

The Industrial Control System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ICS-ISAC) provides a range of benefits to its members. These include:

  • Realtime Intelligence feeds
  • Access to our secure portal
  • Events
  • Threat Briefings

Intelligence feeds are provided in realtime using open-standard sharing mechanisms. The content of our feeds includes intelligence from public and private sector sources. The intelligence provided is tuned for the particular needs of industrial control system vendors, integrators and asset owners.

The ICS-ISAC portal provides members with access to tools to assist in their protective efforts. Multiple analytic platforms are available for members to access and use live intelligence. Members can securely contribute intelligence to all or a subset of other members, as suits their particular use cases. Secure collaborative spaces allow members to create or participate in direct information sharing with others in the community.

Multiple types of physical and virtual events are held every year to foster the goal of information sharing. These include an annual conference, regular webinar events with industry expert panelists on timely topics, regional workshops and other events.

ICS-ISAC members also receive and are allowed to provide regular briefings on emerging and active threats. These include but are not limited to briefings from intelligence analysts on active threats, nation-state actors, campaigns or other timely topics of interest.

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